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Focus Hotel Group

About Us

Our experienced staff:

Brings clean, qualified data to your property everyday. Each lead has been been verified before making unnecessary outbound calls.  These efforts bring more money, better value and raise awareness about your hotel, its features and benefits.   

This information is updated daily and is provided to your GM and the Executive Team.  Live reporting can be viewed anytime so that revenue management can be maximized.  Now is the time for your hotel to be a leader in the market, and FHG will be there beside you every step of the way.

Need sales support?  FHG can work on site or remotely. We're known for generating  new revenue and maintaining  existing clients-everyone wins.  

We are:

A boutique hotel sales and marketing firm. Our only goal is to put more heads in your beds.  Through our own research and discovery, FHG will call on clients that book lodging in your market.  We'll monitor your comp set and move market share in your favor.  We raise awareness through email campaigns, telemarketing and shaking hands with C-Level decision makers.  All of this for about the cost of two sleeping rooms per night.*  

*based on an average rate of a full service hotel in a mid sized market.

Our mission:

To provide better solutions for better bookings. 


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